Supported IP Phones

Use your existing phones.

Preferred IP Phones

These companies test new releases of 3CX immediately to ensure maximum stability and compatibility.

Fanvil H Series
H2S, H2U, H3, H5

Fanvil X2 Series

Fanvil X3 Series
X3 (P/S/G/SG/SP/SP V2/U)

Fanvil X1 Series
X1(P), X1S(G/P)

Fanvil X4 Series

Fanvil X5 Series

Fanvil X6 Series

Fanvil X7 Series

Fanvil X210 Series

3CX Supported Phones

These companies officially support 3CX.

snom D1 Series

snom D3 Series
D305, D315, D335, D345, D375, D385

snom D7 Series
D710, D712, D715, D717, D725, D735, D745, D765, D785

Yealink T1 Series
T19(P) E2

Yealink T2 Series
T21(P) E2, T23P/G, T27G, T29G

Yealink T3 Series
T30P, T31P/G, T33P/G

Yealink T4 Series
T40G, T40P, T41S, T41U, T42S, T42U, T43U, T46S, T46U, T48S, T48U

Yealink T5 Series
T53/C/W, T54W, T57W, T58A/V

3CX Compatible Phones

These companies test their firmware with 3CX.

Grandstream GRP26 Series
2612 (P/W), 2613, 2614, 2615, 2616

Grandstream GXP16 Series
1610, 1615, 1620, 1625, 1628, 1630

Grandstream GXP17 Series
1760, 1760W, 1780, 1782

Grandstream GXP21 Series
2130, 2135, 2140, 2160, 2170

DECT Phones

snom M Series
M300, M900

Gigaset DECT Series
N670 IP PRO, N870 IP PRO

Yealink DECT Series
W52P, W56P, W60P, W70B, W80, W90

Conference Phones

CP860, CP920, CP960

Snom C Series
C520 WiMi

Doorphones, PA Systems, Intercom


Fanvil i18S, i20S, i23S, i30, i31S, PA2, iW30

Grandstream GSC35 Series
3505, 3510

Grandstream GDS37 Series
3705, 3710

snom PA1
Public Announcement System

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