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Choosing a Small Business Phone System

Your small business phone system is an essential service to stay connected with your customers. It needs to be flexible, reliable, and allow your employees to work from anywhere without forwarding calls. Businesses with more than 1 extension should have a small business phone system to keep their call flow streamlined. Never use multiple phone numbers instead of a centralized system.

Small Business Phone System Considerations

  1. Unlimited Extensions
  2. Digital Receptionist
  3. Contact Center
  4. Hidden Fees

Unlimited Extensions

Having the ability to add phones to your small business phone system without increasing reoccurring costs is a valuable feature missing from most virtual phone system providers. A business should not have to pay an additional reoccurring cost for phones that rarely get used in locations such as conference rooms, lobbies, and lunchrooms.

As a business grows beyond a few extensions, paying per user quickly becomes expensive. Most virtual phone system providers use a per-user price model. Although they offer unlimited usage per user, the truth is virtual phone system providers do place limits on unlimited plans with “Acceptable Use Policies”.

Learn more about “Acceptable Use Policies”

Digital Receptionist

A digital receptionist provides both a professional touch and helps prevent robocalls from disrupting your business. No one likes answering automated SPAM calls. In addition to blocking unwanted calls, businesses with a professional digital receptionist announcement are assumed to be well established and large.

Contact Center

Convenient access to company and private contacts using click to dial is a great productivity booster. Any virtual phone system provider missing this feature should not be considered. Although it may seem like a feature that should be standard, there are still some providers that do not offer a contact center.

Hidden Fees

Probably the most important consideration is learning about hidden fees that may account for 10 – 20% of your bill. Avoid paying hundreds of dollars in additional fees whenever possible.

Pay Per User Alternative

Instead of purchasing a monthly per-user subscription, most companies would benefit from hosting their own virtual phone system. However, many companies do not have the in-house expertise to manage a virtual phone system.

At GMT Solutions we manage your small business phone system and pass on the savings to you.  Get all the benefits of reduced cost and flexibility with the expertise to keep your small business phone system secure and hassle-free.  

Get a Small Business System without hidden fees or limitations.

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