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Upgrade Windows 7 to Windows 10 for Free

Windows 10 Upgrade

The upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10 is still free. Windows 7 has not been supported since January 14th, 2020. As we get further away from the End-of-Life date Windows 7 will become less secure because there are no security updates. Software developers will stop supporting Windows 7 and their updates may not work […]

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3 Simple Ways to Change Power Settings in Windows 10

Windows Power Settings

Perhaps the simplest way to change the Power Plan is using the Windows Settings. This simplified view contains the 3 most common settings users are looking to change. You can change how soon the screen turns off when the computer is plugged in, the idle time before the computer goes to sleep, and change the Power Plan. […]

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Windows 11 Requirements Leave Older Computers Behind

Windows 11

The Windows 11 requirement for a TPM 2.0 chip and a 64-bit processor will disqualify many computers over 3 years old. The TPM requirement alone will be a deal killer for many computers. However, the 64-bit processor requirement will affect primarily low-budget computers. If a computer that shipped with the 32-bit version of Windows has a 64-bit processor, the 64-bit version of Windows can be installed. […]

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What Is “Scope-Creep” & How To Avoid It

Scope Creep

What is “Scope-Creep”? Scope-Creep is also called feature creep or requirement creep and is any change added to a project that negatively affects deadlines or the budget of a project. Often scope-creep slowly accumulates until it becomes a noticeable detriment to project deadlines. Even the most meticulously planned project will discover unforeseen circumstances that require […]

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3CX SMS and Facebook Messenger Integration

At GMT Solutions we are constantly rolling out new features from our partner 3CX. The latest version of 3CX’s phone system includes SMS and Facebook Messenger integration. Answer calls, live chat with customers and colleagues, Facebook messages from your Facebook pages, and business texting from one single platform. Access all these great features on all […]

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