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Business Phone System Near Me

Are you looking for a business phone system near me or you? Business phone systems are no longer confined to an office phone. Today’s virtual phone systems are complete unified communications platforms that allow businesses the flexibility to have employees work anywhere an internet connection is available without changing call flow. Not forwarding calls to external numbers prevents lost or abandoned calls when an unexpected voicemail message is heard by a customer. The short answer is your business phone system near me is also right beside you.

Before moving to a virtual phone system it is important to consider the short-list of pros and cons.


  • Answer calls from anywhere without forwarding calls
  • Reduce phone bill
  • Includes video conferencing, instant messaging, and company contact center


  • Needs a stable internet connection
  • Majority of providers charge per user

Choosing the right virtual phone system provider is an important step to get the most bang for your buck.

First, consider what services are included.

  1. Does it include video conferencing, instant messaging, or a company contact center?
  2. What additional services would be most beneficial and useful for your company?
  3. Does the virtual business phone provider charge per user?

If cost is a deciding factor, then avoiding a virtual phone system that charges per user is the most important question. Phone providers that charge per user usually entice customers with the promise of unlimited calling. However, in their Acceptable Use Policy, all plans are limited.  It is more cost-effective to choose a provider that charges to manage a dedicated virtual phone system.

Learn more about the “Unlimited Phone Service Plan Truth”

After 4 extensions, most unlimited plans cost more per user then a dedicated virtual phone system. Get the cost benefits of an in-house phone system without the hassle of managing it yourself. Stop paying extra for users that rarely use their phone or the courtesy phone in the lobby.  

Learn more about our dedicated business phone system.

So is your business phone system near me or you? It is always conveniently by our side no matter where we are in the world.

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