Fax Unlimited

Unlimited faxing to US and International destinations.

Unlimited Faxing Worldwide

Send faxes via email to any destination in the world. You pay only for the faxes you send based on the destination. The average 30-page fax to the US costs about 25¢. Fax Unlimited is the perfect solution to cut costs and increase flexibility.

Unlimited Users

Authorize an unlimited number of users to send and receive faxes.

International Faxing

Local fax numbers for over 40+ countries are available.

Keep Your Number

Move your fax number or get additional numbers.

Secure Temporary Storage

Your faxes are stored encrypted on our servers and available for download for 30 days.

Business Phone System

Lower cost and increase your business's ability to rapidly adapt to changes without changing your customers' experience. Get your dedicated business phone system with unlimited phone extensions that is tailored to your needs. You save by paying only for actual usage and not per user or extension. Take calls on your computer, cell phone, or tablet without forwarding calls from your phone system.

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