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How to Reduce Small Business Phone System Cost

Is your virtual phone system for small business growing efficiently with the business? As your small business grows beyond a few employees the cost of your virtual phone system will become increasingly more expensive.

In the past, adding an extension to your in-house phone system was not expensive. Most small business phone systems allowed up to 10 extensions and were only limited by the number of telephone lines for making and receiving calls. However, these in-house solutions were not flexible or remote work-friendly. Employees working off-site needed to forward calls and run the risk of calls getting lost or abandoned if a personal voicemail picked up. This is especially problematic for incoming calls that ring multiple phones such as a ring group or call queue.

Unfortunately, the business model for most virtual phone systems charge per user and does not scale well. As a result, as businesses add additional phone extensions the cost will quickly increase despite many phones are rarely used. For example, the receptionist, bookkeeper, or courtesy phones, are not used very often for external phone calls but cost the same amount as a regular phone with most virtual phone system providers.  

Reduce your Telephone Bill

How to get the cost benefits of an in-house phone system and the flexibility of a virtual phone system for small business? You can get all the features of a virtual phone system without spiraling cost or the hassle by using a fully managed 3CX Unified Communications solution. Just like your old in-house system adding extensions is not expensive. Your only limitation is the number of phone lines you need to make calls. It is less expensive to pay per minute using internet calling than paying per user or purchasing multiple lines from a traditional phone provider.   

3CX Standard Features

  • Unlimited Extensions
  • Video Conferencing
  • Instant Messaging

Learn more about our dedicated business phone system.

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