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Microsoft’s PDF Manager is Free Until July 3rd

Merge, split, extract, and combine PDF files.

If you create PDFs from other PDFs, Microsoft’s PDF Manager is a great tool to add to your toolbox. I rarely need to make changes to PDFs besides reordering, combining, or typing on forms. PDF Xchange has been my go-to program for over a decade. However, reordering and combining PDF files is cumbersome.

Download Microsoft PDF Manager

Merge PDF documents

When you first open a PDF file the pages are stacked. The only available option is to merge another PDF document. This is useful if you want to merge 2 or more documents. You can drag the documents to reorder them.

Reorder PDF Pages

At the top center of the window, there are 3 separate views. The first view is the PDF document with the pages stacked. This is the default view. The remaining views are various zooms of the pages. Once the PDF document view is set to pages you can drag pages to reorder them. Once the pages have been reordered the stack view is another zoom of the pages.


As you can see Microsoft’s PDF Manager is a handy tool with very little overhead. Even if you do not need it now it is worth snagging a license by downloading it to add it to your Microsoft Store Library. Once July 3rd has passed it may come in handy on another computer at a future date.

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