Work from Home Network Assessment

Is your home network “Work from Home” ready? Although your internet may seem stable because videos and webpages load without issue, there may be internet quality problems that are not noticeable until you use services that are sensitive to network congestion. Services such as business phone, VPN, and video conferencing may perform poorly even if […]

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Automate Temporary File Removal

Delete Temporary Files

Windows 10 automatically defrags the hard drive that Windows is installed on, but automated temporary file removal is not enabled by default. If your hard drive is low on disk space or you are syncing OneDrive or SharePoint Sites, temporary files will slowly degrade the performance of your hard drive if left unchecked.  These files […]

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Reinstall Windows 10 Without Bloatware

Windows 10

If you just purchased your computer or it seems plagued with errors, reinstalling Windows will remove problems caused by corruption, buggy manufacturer customization, and pre-installed applications you will never use. We always recommend reinstalling Windows even on new computers before you start customizing it to your needs. Clients that follow our advice and start with […]

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