About Us

For over 14 years, George Taylor has worked with C-level executives to design and implement solutions to give small and mid-sized businesses a competitive advantage in an ever-changing technology landscape. He believes in leveraging innovation to create lasting and efficient solutions. George is the founder and CEO of GMT Solutions LLC, which offers intelligent IT solutions to small and medium-scale businesses. For his contributions to the tremendous growth of several businesses over the years, he is recognized as a go-to professional for desirable results in any niche of business.

As CEO of GMT, George is responsible for designing, vetting, and implementing technology solutions. Throughout his career, George has worked exclusively for managed IT service providers in senior roles in the New York City and New Jersey area, some of the most demanding markets in the country. He has worked directly with business owners and organizations across the various industries of finance, insurance, marketing, and manufacturing to design and implement reliable solutions. As a manager, at an IT Service provider in New York, George successfully reduced calls by over 90% using automation to proactively maintain client’s systems and address problems before underlying issues impact user productivity. His contributions led to a remarkable increase in client satisfaction and freed up multiple resources to work on other projects.

George is passionate about helping business people make personalized and informed decisions that can help their businesses grow exponentially. GMT is oriented toward saving individuals and organizations the stress, hassle, and time of seeking solutions. George designed GMT Solutions around the premise that IT solutions should benefit clients without excessive mark-ups and unnecessary service recommendations to make a sale. In addition to providing clients with answers, George is committed to educating clients to refine their knowledge of IT and make their work seamless, easy, and secure. George’s zest for keeping abreast of the latest industry technology has paved the way for his clients’ continuous success. A life-long learner, George, and GMT operate according to the credos that” Honesty is the Best Policy,” “Knowledge is Power,” and it is important to “Question Everything.”

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