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Complete protection starting at $20 per station

Protection Against the Unexpected

A good backup is your last defense against ransomware, accidental deletion, data corruption, or a system failure. Proper backups of your data and applications are an essential part of every business’ continuity plan. The loss of your files or a computer system can cause major disruptions and damage your reputation.


Backup Everything Securely

A complete backup of your entire system protects your data and applications. Your applications and settings are as important as the data they store. Reinstalling and configuring applications are time‑consuming processes that takes hours or days to complete. A unique backup key is used to encrypt all data during the backup process.

Protection when you need it most

It is critical to protect the work produced during peak hours to minimize loss of productivity. By default, we backup your entire systems every 2 hours during peak hours and every 4 hours during off peak hours. You can customize your backups to suit your unique business continuity needs.

Regularly Tested Backups

We regularly test backups to ensure there is no corruption that can cause a restore to fail. Backups are booted in a secure virtual environment. This is to verify users can access the restored computer or server during a failure of the physical system to minimize downtime. In addition, the filesystem is scanned on the original and backup to ensure data integrity from end-to-end.

Minimize Lost Productivity

The latest backup can be used on an onsite appliance or in a secure offsite virtual environment. Quickly get back to work in the event of a disaster or system failure. 

We prestage and test your offsite virtual environment before it is needed so failover is quick and effenicent.

Secure cloud and local backup storage

Your backups can be stored locally for faster restoration or virtualization of backed up systems. In addition, all backups are stored securely offsite and can be virtualized in a secure environment. All backups are encrypted locally and in the cloud.

Continuously monitored to ensure success

Backups are only useful if they are running successfully on a constant basis. We continuously monitor backups to ensure they are successfully completing and uploaded to secure cloud storage.

Rest soundly with the knowledge your data and applications are protected from the worst-case scenario.

Included in Managed IT Services

Managed Backup is included for all devices in our Managed IT Services subscription. Managed IT Services is a complete solution that includes 9 Essential IT Services to protect your business data and productivity.

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