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22% of Verizon’s Business Phone Bill Is Hidden Fees

How much are you paying in additional fees and changes for your small business phone system? Most businesses expect additional charges but not for it to account for up to 22% of their bill. National phone service providers add these additional fees to increase profits while maintaining the appearance of low prices.

Remove hidden fees by moving your phone system to a virtual small business phone system that’s fully managed not a service. Virtual small business phone providers such as Vonage, 8×8, and RingCentral all have fees that add 10 % to 30% to your final bill. The only way to effectively reduce your phone bill is to get a dedicated small business phone system that is tailored to your needs.

Verizon Surcharges and Fees account for 22.66% of the final bill.

Dedicated Small Business Phone System

  • No per-user fees
  • Unlimited Extensions
  • Unlimited Recordings
  • Reduced Cost

Our dedicated small business phone system is designed for your specific business needs. Reduce cost with hassle-free management of your virtual small business phone system. At GMT Solutions we are your virtual IT department and never mark-up the underlying services that make up your business phone system.

Roll-out phones where you need them without worrying about the additional recurring cost. Give remote workers an extension to use with our mobile application or add phones to home offices. Stop paying for courtesy phones and conference room phones that see little to no regular use.

Bill Analysis

Not surprisingly many businesses waste money on services that masquerade as unlimited services. However, unlimited call plans are limited by “Acceptable Use Policies” and often nickel and dime customers for standard phone features. Unlimited call plans are actually per paying 3000 to 3500 minutes per user every month. Businesses with more than 4 phones or multiple locations can save a lot on their phone bill with a small business phone system that is tailored to their needs.

Get an accurate estimated monthly bill based on your needs and average usage. Our savings calculator considers what is needed for your system to run efficiently. You will need 2 items to get an accurate estimate.

  1. How many extensions do you need?
  2. How many inbound and outbound minutes on average do you use per month? You can get the answer to this question from your current business phone system provider or phone bill.

Download our real-world bill analysis from peak usage months from 2019.

Pay-As-You-Go Bill Analysis

Need help analyzing your bill? Give us a call at (888) 304-0124 or send us a message.

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