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3 Simple Ways to Change Power Settings in Windows 10

By default, Windows 10 and earlier versions set the Power Plan to Balanced. The most notable feature of the Balanced Power Plan is the computer’s processor is automatically adjusted based on demand and it will sleep when idle for an extended period of time. These settings are good for most users but do not allow for time for updates to apply after hours. Business users should disable sleep to allow Windows to update and restart if needed during non-working hours.


Open Windows Power Settings Using Windows Settings

Perhaps the simplest way to change the Power Plan is using the Windows Settings. This simplified view contains the 3 most common settings users are looking to change. You can change how soon the screen turns off when the computer is plugged in, the idle time before the computer goes to sleep, and change the Power Plan.

  1. Hold the Windows Key + I to open the Windows Settings menu
  2. Select System
  3. Select Power & Sleep

For additional options select “Additional power settings” near the end of the page.


Open Windows Power Settings Using Powercfg.cpl

This is my favorite way to quickly access advanced Windows Power Settings with the least amount of effort.

  1. Hold the Windows Key + R to open the Run window
  2. Type powercfg.cpl and press OK


Open Windows Power Settings Using Control Panel

The command powercfg.cpl is what is run when Power Options is selected from the Control Panel. Depending on your task accessing the Power Options maybe your best option. This way you can easily access other settings once you are done adjusting the power options.

  1. Hold the Windows Key + R to open the Run Window
  2. Type control and press OK
  3. Select Power Options

Note: The Control Panel opens using the last view that was set. By default, the Control Panel will open in a simplified view which does not contain the Power Options shortcut.

How to change Control Panel to View All Shortcuts

  1. Select the dropdown “View by” and choose large or small icons
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