Firefox Downloads Folder

Change Firefox’s Download Location

You can customize the download settings for each profile you have set up in Firefox. This is useful if you use profiles to isolate your work and personal activities. For example, you could set up your personal profile’s download location to be different from your work profile to keep your downloads organized.

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How to find Firefox's download settings

  1. Click the menu button (≡) in the upper right-hand corner. 
Firefox settings and more
  1. Click Settings.
Firefox settings
  1. Under General scroll down to the Downloads section.
Firefox General

Change Firefox's download location

Note: If you have multiple profiles set up in Firefox. Remember to update the download location for each one.

Click Browse and select your new download folder location.
Firefox Downloads Settings

Choose where Brave saves downloads each time

Enable Always ask you where to save files.
Firefox Always ask you where to save files


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