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Unlimited Business Phone Service is Not Unlimited

The Short Answer

No! All online business phone providers have an Acceptable Use Policy that is either vague or clearly states hard limits to monthly usage. The industry-standard ranges from around 3000 to 3500 minutes per user and is pooled for the account. That means 1 user could use over the per-user limit if the entire account remains under the total pooled minutes.  Business phone providers need an Acceptable Use Policy to prevent losing money due to excessive usage.

It’s safe to assume, the business phone industry has already done their homework and know most businesses will never reach 3000 plus minutes per user. If the account does go over the limit, the business phone provider will suspend, cancel, or charge an overage fee.

Unlimited Calling Money Pit

As your business grows beyond 4 phones the savings quickly stop adding up. Unlimited call plans are really purchasing blocks of minutes per month. For example, a small office with 4 phones would pay $120 per month for Vonage Premium before hidden fees such as Regulatory Recovery Fee, E911, and other fees that add up to 10 – 30% to the bill.  All the major phone providers have these hidden fees that are either vaguely mentioned in the terms and conditions or not mentioned at all.  Besides hidden fees that add a sizable chuck to your bill, a 4-person office isn’t likely to ever come close to using 3000 minutes or the 12,000 pooled minutes they per pay for every month. This waste is amplified as more and more phone extensions are added.

When was the last time you reviewed your business phone bill?

  • Per paid usage is far below allotted usage limits
  • Hidden fees add 10 to 20% to business telephone bill
  • Most users do not use advanced features

Take Back Control of Cost

Outsourcing your business phone needs has many benefits and will reduce cost when done correctly. Keep the benefits of a cloud business phone system without the burden and waste of per paying for fake “Unlimited Calling”.

GMT Solutions 3CX Unified Communications solution charges only for managing and maintaining all the underlying services that make up your dedicated phone system that meets your unique business needs. 3CX Unified Communications is priced per simultaneous call not per extension. Your business phone system cost is significantly reduced by paying only for what you use while still benefiting from the advanced features many business phone system providers charge extra. Stop paying extra for courtesy phones and employees that rarely make phone calls.

  • Pay only for what you use
  • No hidden fees or nickel-and-diming
  • Robust telephone provider with servers in over 30 data centers across the world.
  • Customized to your unique business needs

Is Our 3CX Solution Right for You?

For most businesses, after 4 extensions the savings start to quickly add up. However, before you make a decision it is important to review your current business phone bills to determine if the overall savings is worth migrating to 3CX Unified Communications.

 Review your current plan and past bills:

  • What advanced features are you using? CRM integration, Video Conferencing, Call Queues
  • What’s the average outbound usage for the past 6 months? The longer the period the more accurate the bill analyzes will be.

Calculate an Estimated Bill

Quickly get an accurate estimate of your monthly bill for 3CX Unified Communications using our online calculator. The calculator takes into consideration the management cost, number of phones, recommended 3CX license, and monthly call usage.

What do you need to estimate your 3CX Unified Communications bill?

  • Number of extensions
  • Average monthly inbound call minutes
  • Average monthly outbound call minutes

Calculate Immediate Savings

Need help using the calculator or gathering the information needed to get an accurate estimate. Give us a call (888) 304-0124.

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