Windows 10 Upgrade

Upgrade Windows 7 to Windows 10 for Free

The upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10 is still free. Windows 7 has not been supported since January 14th, 2020. As we get further away from the End-of-Life date Windows 7 will become less secure because there are no security updates. Software developers will stop supporting Windows 7 and their updates may not work probably because they tested on the latest supported versions of Windows.   

Prepare to Upgrade to Windows 10
Upgrade to Windows 10 for Free
After the Upgrade to Windows 10


Prepare to Upgrade

There are a few things we recommend you do before updating.

  1. Backup your computer.
  2. Uninstall your antivirus software


Upgrade to Windows 10 for Free

1. Download Windows 10 Media Creation Tool

Windows 10 Media Creation Tool

2. Accept the License Agreement

Upgrade to Windows 10

3. If your computer passes the Windows 10 compatibility test click “Next”.

Windows 10 Compatibility Check

4. The rest of the installation process is automated so go get some coffee.

Windows 10 upgrade automatic restart


After the Upgrade

There are a few things you should do to improve the chance of a successful upgrade to Windows 10.

  1. Install antivirus software
  2. Install all the Windows Updates that are available.

Contact us to upgrade your computers for you at (888) 304-0124 or message us here.

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