What is new after you sign in to Microsoft 365 in Edge

How to search Microsoft 365 using Edge

You can search Microsoft 365 using Edge. The default new tab settings in Edge will display your Microsoft 365 at a glance so you can quickly access the resources you commonly access. If your default new tab has been changed you can search Microsoft 365 by using bing.com and filtering the results by work.

Besides the added benefit of quickly searching Microsoft 365 for documents and resources directly from your browser, using separate profile accounts is the best way to keep your work and personal life separate.

Sign into Edge using your Microsoft 365 account

For the work filter to be available, you must sign in to Edge with your Microsoft 365 account. Follow these simple steps to enable Microsoft 365 search in Edge.

  • Select the profile button in the upper right-hand corner of Edge.
  • Select Sign in to sync data
  • Select Work or school account
  • Sign in using your Microsoft 365 account.

The same procedure above can be used to sign into your personal account.

Once you have completed the sign in process, give Edge a few minutes to completely sync your profile. You will notice the search bar has changed to include your company name and the bar below now includes a section for Microsoft 365. Scroll down to reveal tiles that include your recent documents, frequently accessed SharePoint Sites, and more.

You can also quickly access Microsoft 365 web applications by selecting the waffle in the upper left-hand corner.

Securing Microsoft 365

By default, Microsoft 365 has extremely lax security in terms of what devices can be used to access data. Users can access their account from any device and download everything. There is nothing you can do to remove company data from personal devices without additional Microsoft 365 configuration. For example, a company’s data can be accidently leaked because someone used someone else’s computer to check their email and checked keep me logged in. Now anyone that has access to that computer would have access to all the data the employee had access to and can download it.

Every company’s security needs are unique but even a small business should restrict access to remote workers to ensure their data and clients are protected. You may have noticed in the video above the warning that access is restricted. At GMT Solutions we restrict access to personal devices that are not registered with our Microsoft 365 account. This gives us the ability to expire sign ins on computers not registered, revoke access to company data on personal devices, and require a baseline of security on the device.

Speak to a Solution Architect today to learn how we can tighten up your security and avoid data from leaking from your organization. Call (888) 304-0124 or email hello@gmtsol.net.

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