Fanvil, Snom, and Yealink Phones

3CX Compatible Phones

Updated 3/13/2022

Note: This is not a definitive list of devices that are compatible with 3CX. In theory 3CX will work with any device that supports SIP 2.0

Preferred Desk IP Phones

The companies below work closely with 3CX and quickly release updates to address issues. These phones are stable and reliable.

Recommended Fanvil Desk IP Phones

Supported Desk IP Phones

These companies test there firmware with 3CX but are slower to address issues.

Recommended Snom Desk IP Phones

Recommended Yealink Desk IP Phones

Compatible Desk IP Phones

These IP phones are tested with 3CX but have a higher number of issues.

  • Grandstream GRP26 Series: 2601 (P), 2602 (P/W), 2603 (P), 2604 (P), 2612 (P/W), 2613, 2614, 2615, 2616
  • Grandstream GXP16 Series: 1610, 1615, 1620, 1625, 1628, 1630
  • Grandstream GXP17 Series: 1760, 1760W, 1780, 1782
  • Grandstream GXP21 Series: 2130, 2135, 2140, 2160, 2170

DECT Phones (Cordless Phones)

Recommended Snom DECT Phones (Cordless Phones)

Recommended Yealink DECT Phones (Cordless Phones)

Conference Phones

Recommend Yealink Conference Phones

Recommended Snom Conference Phones

Snom C520
Snom C520

Door Phones/ PA Systems/ Intercom

Recommended Fanvil Door Phones

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